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MAIL Order Brides - over 40, fat and out of shape

Matt I remember when one of the mail order brides I am presently in contact with had sent a SMS message that she wanted to wear my shirt when she came here. I knew what she was saying. So as a romantic gesture (and slight joke because of the size of the shirt) I sent her a shirt that I wear. To include a little cologne.

After three months it had arrived. She was disappointed that it did not have the smell of cologne. I told her that I had put some on the shirt. It is the little things like this that keep it going.

Too much information is bad as is too little. It is definitely an art.

I for one am always open to learn what I can for others... those with both more experience and skill with mail order brides than I possess.

Professor Matt,
How's about posting some examples of that romantic writing you speak of. No sense to just tell a man to fish... why not teach him?


A bit more advice


This is not rocket science. And, you do not have to be some fake Casanova. Tell her how you feel. I am not talking about graphic sex or saying that you think you love them. Please, do not say you love them in a letter. :arg:

Just write something like, "I wish I could be there to look into your beautiful eyes" or "Well, it is late here my dear, and I must go to sleep. Of course, I will be dreaming of you." Again, use your own imagination. Now, she will probably ignore this type of talk the first time. But, just keep dropping the hints, and mail order brides will eventually respond in like fashion. The best way for a little pillow talk is on the telephone, and I already gave you some advice on that.

I will repeat once again, these mail order brides like to be romanced. They also want to know that you are a "strong man"--meaning that you have normal physical desires that you can act on. This is especially true for you guys over 40. I get the impression that mail order brides worry that many guys over 40 are impotent because of alcohol or just being out of shape. Of course, you Newbies have never been to Russia. Most of the guys I saw in Russia that were over 40 were fat and out of shape--just like in America! :chuckle:









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