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Lithuania women are still oppressed, even after Perezstroika

Lithuania brides are great home makers
Lithuania Dating - Talk with lovely Lithuanian brides via electronic singles services. Mail order brides for western men   Yes, it is fair to say that Lithuania mail order brides embrace traditional values far more than American women. And yes, western men pursuing Lithuania mail order brides unquestionably are searching for women who prefer to keep the home fires burning. But, let's take a look into why Lithuania mail order brides embrace the home over career. And yes, it is true that Lithuania men have been diminished by the oppressions of Russian hegemony. Nevertheless, women are not accepted and treated as equals by Russian or Lithuania men.

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Lithuania mail order brides work hard to support husbands and children   There are millions of working mothers in Russia. They are working hard to provide food for their children and often for the dysfunctional men in their lives as well. Russian brides collectively are historically programmed to embrace family life. It is in their DNA as with most foreign brides. It is their expected and defined role within the Russian society. But, unfortunately in today's Russia, and Lithuania, Russian brides and Lithuania brides are forced to keep the home AND hold a career, because of the dysfunctionality of Russian and Lithuania men. So, in their eyes keeping the home without the burden of a career would be a luxury. It would be a role that most Lithuania women can only dream to fulfill.

Lithuania mail order brides make sacrifices
  Do they naturally sacrifice themselves to husband and family? Yes, they do. Living in present day Russia and Lithuania calls upon women to make many sacrifices. They really are loving, nurturing and dedicated wives and mothers. Lithuania and Russian mail order brides are genetically inclined to make sacrifices for home and husband. Every Lithuania woman is raised with the mentality to seek life fulfillment through family. It is in their DNA.

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