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Mail order Ukraine brides as property of Ukraine men

Sexual standards of mail order Ukraine brides and men
Marriage minded Ukraine brides are seeking love in the virtual world. Mail order brides via online services   Centuries of written history document that mail order Ukraine brides and men have been treated differently in sexual matters (Tannahill, 1981). Usually, women but not men have been pressured to remain virgins until marriage and to abstain from sexual activities after divorce or the deaths of their spouses. This inequality in sexual standards for Ukraine men and mail order Ukraine brides is referred to as a sexual double standard. A sexual double standard is a dual set of moral standards for men and women, usually with stricter standards applied to women, especially for premarital virginity and for what is considered acceptable sexual behavior (Francoeur, Perper, Scherzer, Sellmer, & Cornog, 1991).

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Ukraine brides as property of Ukraine men   Historically, these different sexual standards originated from mail order Ukraine brides as value to men as property and objects of exchange. To preserve their value, it was viewed as essential that girls and women preserve their virginity before marriage. Monitoring of virginity and chastity served to protect young women from unwanted pregnancies, to ensure that they married men from their own social class or clan, and to preserve family honor (Siann, 1994). In the 19th century the sexual differences between mail order Ukraine brides and men became a legitimate subject of scientific inquiry. This perspective is typified by researchers like Havelock Ellis, who considered mail order Ukraine brides sexuality to be weaker, less fulfilling, and more passive than male sexuality. In contrast, modern sexology since the Kinsey era has stressed the ideology of gender similarity. Scientists, most notably Masters and Johnson, have emphasized how similar men and women are in sexual response and functioning (Irvine, 1990).

Ukraine brides and virginity
  The advent of more individualistic values and more equal standards for mail order Ukraine brides and men is related to socioeconomic developments. Individualism and relaxation of the requirement of virginity in Ukraine brides correlate with high Gross National Product (GNP; Hofstede, 1998). Growing freedom provided women with more educational opportunities. Girls start circulating more freely, and they have more opportunities to meet boys. Increasing freedom also gives people more living space and privacy. Medical care and information improve, including information on contraception. Young people get more opportunities for sexual exploration, and sexual norms adapt to this situation.

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