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Mail-order brides seek the man, not some fantasy of life with a man in the west

Mail-order brides seek the man, not some fantasy of life with the man.
Lovely and graceful mail-order brides are looking for love and romance in the west. Mail order brides make great wives   Of course mail-order brides are seeking a better life, but not at the expense of a bad marriage. Considering that they have not been exposed to the quality of life found in the west, it is not unreasonable to assume that their primary focus is the man and not some fanciful idea of some kind of rich future life with some western man. It is an unknown quality and not always without some measure of fear of the unknown.

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Mail-order brides seek only a normal life   Of course, given the chance, a Russian woman would probably prefer to marry a man of financial security, but also with whom she feels a lot of trust, honesty and love. Also remember, financial security is relative to one's situation. Mail-order brides consider that a man capable of paying monthly expenses for a "normal" life is a man of financial security. They all use that word "normal" to characterize the kind of life they hope for. In Russian language the word for "normal" is "normalnaya".

Most mail-order brides lead a hard life
  The myth that many mail-order brides are seeking to find a millionaire so that they can lead a guilded life is an absolute falsehood. It has no basis in logic because most mail-order brides have lived a life of hardship. This myth is about as realistic and logical as a homeless person expecting to have their own private jet. It is all relative to one's experience. A normal life in the west would represent to most mail-order brides a life of a very high quality indeed.


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