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Mail order brides and sex in the work place

European Connections - Mail order brides working in Russia and Ukraine
Get together with Russian mail order brides via European Conections electronic match making services. Lovely Russian brides are waiting for confident western gentlemen to contact them. Mail Order Brides want to marry overseas   An official has for sale a 17 year old Ukraine girl, formerly of a poor family, who knows how to cook, sew, iron, and tend to a lady; has a nice figure and pretty face. - 1798 newspaper advertisement in Imperial Russia.

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European Connections - Sexual harassment of mail order brides   "Twenty-two year old Ukraine woman, perfect in all ways, shapely, well-built, efficient, intelligent...seeks employment as a secretary....I will be a flower in your office. No intimate relationships." - Classified advertisement in a Moscow newspaper. The words "bez kompleksov", without inhibitions, is very common in Moscow employment ads. It is simply abbreviated, "b-k". Its meaning is clear to all mail order brides. Out of necessity, are forced to sleep with their boss.

European Connections - Mail order brides and sex in work place romance tours The only thing Ukraine woman and Russian woman have of value in the market place is sex, explains M. Vandenberg, coordinator of women's organizations in Russia and Ukraine. A recent survey in various Ukraine cities indicated that one in three women have been victims of sexual harassment in their jobs. "Stereotypes are changing", opines Natalia Soboleva, director of a firm producing educational software. "Look at the message a young Ukraine woman got from the media: 'Be a model, a secretary, find a wealthy husband!' Women listen to this because it's new, but I think it will result in serious disadvantages in the future.

European Connections - Mail order brides entrepreneurs
  Soboleva herself is not a good example of which she speaks. A chemistry professor, Soboleva is also one of a growing number of Ukraine and Russian woman entrepreneurs. One third of business women are engineers, 15% are bankers, and 10% are farmers. Most of the remaining 42% run small to medium size enterprises. Mail order brides began entering the post Soviet market economy late, after state assets were already divided up. But now there are many associations created to assist Ukraine women and Russian women involved in business. Most believe that women's contributions in the work place have been undervalued and also believe that women workers are more hard working, more reliable, and more flexible than men. Ukraine and Russian men always try to create work structures that exclude people. Mail order brides, to the contrary, attempt to include others in their work groups.

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