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Sexy Ukrainian brides looking for Western men

Ukrainian Brides are here to stay
Communicate with beautiful but smart Ukrainian brides via the web today. Ukrainian mail order brides  Jim Anderson has been comparing American women with Ukrainian brides and now he has fallen in love with a lovely Ukrainian bride. It occurred to him that maybe he has said something that'll get him in trouble. For example, he has been talking about women he has met at work. He's an analyst for the state of California and lives in a Sacramento suburb. "These women are very, very competent. But to be as tough as they are, they had to give up something," he says. "They've given up tenderness, old-fashioned femininity. I'd call it softness." I can understand why Jim might have some second thoughts. Guys, would this be the kind of topic you'd bring up at, say, your annual Christmas party? "Mary, I gotta tell you, you're very, very competent. But on the softness scale? How can I put it? You remind me of a linebacker." Right. How would you like a drink in your face?

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Ukrainian brides looking for western men   I called Jim after the reaction I received to a column I had written about a thriving new industry in Ukraine - Ukrainian brides looking for European and American men. In just a few months, 2,000 Ukrainian brides have paid 50 rubles, nearly a week's salary, to sign up for the Russian dating service. The founder of the company was quoted, "Ukrainian brides have a lot more respect for foreign men than for Ukrainian men. They say Ukrainian men are lazy, unfaithful and rude. They want someone who will hold doors open for them." As anyone who has spent time in Russia and Ukraine can tell you, the Russian and Ukrainian male does lack social graces. Ukrainian women - besides also working outside the home - cook, clean and tend the children. The Ukrainian male sees his main household duty as making sure his cigarette stays lit and his glass is filled. By those standards, even an American slob fares pretty well.

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