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Russia dating women adapt better than Russian men

Russia dating lists reports on strategies on meeting genuine mail order brides through online Russia dating. It also moderates message boards discussing all areas of Russia dating. Most of the t Russian brides are nurturers  "How many drinking bouts and divorces have been provoked by the principle that the man is the head of the family!" exclaimed Latkova. And, partly because Russia dating brides are the nurturers of family there is no place in Russian society for the nurturing male, men have almost no chance of being granted custody of children. A study conducted by the Russian State Statistics Committee did not reveal a single case of a man taking a leave of absence to care for his children. The "Russia Dating Brides" movement is currently working to get this practice changed and to lower the retirement age of Russian men to 55 (from 60 or 65). After all, you can't give a pension to someone who is already dead.

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Russia dating - Russian brides adapt better than Russian men   A major factor contributing to the health problems of Russian men as opposed to Russia dating brides is the difficulty of adapting to a market economy. Men who formerly had no trouble supporting their families on a decent level are now struggling at or below the poverty line. Men in professions that used to be privileged and revered - teachers, doctors, scientists - can barely make ends meet, and the shock is nasty. Those who are young, well-educated and enterprising enough may have an opportunity to turn to business. But for the others, there seems to be no place.

Russia dating - Russian brides act in the present day
  Many women have trouble understanding men's failure to adapt. Russia dating brides assert "A real man is someone who has managed to get his bearings in this new life. To this day, men are still living in comparison with yesterday… If you have already found your bearings, you want to snap your fingers in front of the guy's face and say: 'dear, we have lived for a very long time in another world, you've got to understand it, you have to adapt to it.' Moreover, Russia dating brides do not want to hear… that the present day is something different. They assert, "Let's go ahead and act in the present day."

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