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Demography of brides Russian

Mail order brides and falling birth rates  The percentage of brides Russian who have serious medical problems during pregnancy is said to be 75%. Only 1/3 of Russian babies are born healthy, and the last child health census showed that some 50-60% of all Russian children suffer from chronic illness. Birth rates are falling in Russia, even though infant mortality is decreasing. The Maternal Mortality Rate for Russian women is 75 deaths per 100,000 live births, 6 times higher than in the US. The Infant Mortality Rate is 15 deaths per 100,000 live births, 2.5 times higher than in the US. The Russian fertility rate is 1.17. In Russia, deaths far outnumber births - the Russian death rate is now 1.7 times higher than the birth rate

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Demography of brides Russian
  According to research conducted at the Center for Demography and Human Ecology at the Russian Academy of Sciences and published in the November 2001 issue of Demoscope, 1/3 of all babies born in Russia were born to unwed Russian women. This is double the percentage of a decade earlier. There were over 400,000 orphans in Russia in 2000. About 15,000 children leave Russian orphanages each year, when 16-18 years old. Of these 15,000, 5,000 are unemployed, some 6,000 are homeless, around 3,000 resort to crime, approximately 1,500 commit suicide, and about half the girls enter prostitution. Over 40 million children in the former Soviet Union are considered to be living in genuine poverty. Statistics vary.

Crimes against brides Russian
  Some 30%-40% of serious crimes are committed inside the family. There are some 4 million homeless children in Russia today. The health of young people is threatened by rising rates of substance abuse and the rapid growth of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. The number of children born to HIV positive Russian women is steadily growing. Figures indicate some 6% of women in Russia have HIV/AIDS. According to The World's Women 2000: Trends and Statistics, UN Statistics Division, Russia has some 13.1% unemployed Russian women. Russia has fallen victim to the larger global phenomenon of the feminization of poverty.

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