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Rusian brides and domestic violence

Rusian brides and domestic violence
Chat with Lugansk mail order brides via web based dating networks. Mail order brides must endure harsh treatment   Russia has no specific law addressing domestic violence, and no statistics. Freedom House estimates that some 5,000 Rusian brides die each year because of domestic violence. The Russian government report to the UN CEDAW Committee in 2003 acknowledged that as many as 5,000 Rusian brides are killed by family members every year. Domestic violence remains a major problem in Russia, and victims rarely have recourse to the authorities for protection. Many women do not report such crimes, not only because of social and family pressures and reluctance of police to intervene in what is often considered a purely domestic dispute, but also because the tight housing market makes it difficult to find housing outside the family dwelling or to expel an abusive husband, even after a final divorce action. There is a general lack of understanding about domestic violence in the legal community.

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Battered Rusian brides   Although shelters for battered Rusian brides do exist in Russia, run by NGO's, there is a severe shortage of such shelters for domestic violence victims, primarily due to lack of funds. Marital rape is not specifically criminalized in Russia, nor is it specifically legal. Marital rape is considered under general rape provisions. Rape is very much under reported. Similar to domestic violence, victims of rape face serious obstacles in pressing charges against the perpetrators because of societal views. Organization and operation of a prostitution business in Russia is a crime, but the selling of sexual services remains only an administrative offence. No law in Russia prohibits sexual harassment, and Rusian brides have little recourse when sexually harassed.


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