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The Mystique of the Asian Bride

Poor Marco Polo sailed treacherous waters, deflected bandits along the Silk Road, and entered the service of Kublai Khan, and what did he get for all his troubles? A recipe for chow mein. If only he had returned to Venice with an Asian bride lovingly clinging to the his arm, he would have gone down in history as the first propagator of the Asian mail order bride catalogue. Perhaps he failed to do his homework on the tricky terrain of dating an Asian bride. Nine centuries later, modern-day romantic adventurers are still looking Eastward in search of the perfect Asian bride.

Both scholarly literature and popular culture are replete with images of the Asian bride, ranging from the negative stereotype of the submissive, unsophisticated - woman to the romanticized ideal of the uncomplaining, self-sacrificing Oriental beauty. But no matter, the fact remains that Asian brides are sought the world over for their unique charm, gentleness, faithfulness, sensuality, delicate physical features, and unrivaled respect for traditional family values.

With Asian Brides there is No Such Thing as the Battle of the Sexes

To any Western man who is fed up with game-playing and other complications that have made modern dating a minefield, courting an Asian bride can be an undertaking that guarantees both sides victory. A significant number of Asian bride, especially those on in Asian mail order bride catalogues, perceive Western men as decent, responsible, easy going guys who know how to treat their women well. For their part, Western men recognize Asian brides to be honest, trustworthy, and faithful. Asian mail order brides rarely have the inclination to play cat-and-mouse with their suitors, but this is not to say they will say “I do!” to the first Western man who corresponds with them. Courtship of an Asian bride is a tradition that should be approached with the truest of intentions. Potential Asian bride are averse to playing games and likewise, they expect men to be honest and truthful of their aims.

Asian Brides Make Perfect Life Partners

Marriage is a lifetime commitment for Asian brides. Divorce or separation is frowned upon in Asian societies, and is unfairly seen as a reflection of the woman’s failure to keep a happy home. Asian brides are known to stand by their men, through good times and bad. Resourcefulness and diligence come naturally to Asian brides, and possessing useful housekeeping skills is a major source of self-satisfaction. Asian women are gentle, loving, compassionate, ultra feminine and faithful, traits that go a long way towards keeping the flames of passion alive in any marriage between a Western man and an Asian bride. Women featured in Asian mail order bride catalogs are appreciative of the little gentlemanly and considerate gestures that Western men do for them.

Family Comes First for the Asian Bride

Among the numerous qualities that endear Western men to Asian brides is their devotion to family. As a matter fact, when foreign men are asked about what makes Asian mail order brides tick, many of them invariably point to Asian brides’ tenacious adherence to family. This is the primary reason they pursue an Asian bride. Extended families are commonplace in Asia, and this kind of living arrangement has taught the Asian bride about the importance of compromise, sharing, and respect for family rules in order to maintain domestic peace and harmony. While many Asian brides would take up employment in order to contribute to household finances, they will never hesitate to give up their career for their family.

Each Asian Bride is Unique

Asia is a continent of several nations, and while these countries share a number of customs and traditions, they also exhibit divergent national traits due to differences in history, culture, and religion. Therefore, although Asian brides across the continent are almost always loving, honest, faithful, and devoted to family, subtle differences exist between Asian brides of different countries. Thus, an Asian bride who comes from a Catholic bastion such as the Philippines is quite different from an Asian bride in the predominantly Buddhist Thailand. One thing is for sure: Asian mail order brides are not characterless toy dolls. No, they are charming, hardworking women seeking more equalitarian marriages with foreign men.

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