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A Guide to Dating Asian Brides

Ask anyone about their most disastrous date and you’ll find that it usually was on the first date. Now, imagine all the things that could go wrong on your first date with an Asian mail order bride—spilling noodles on your lap while fumbling with the chopsticks, getting slapped in the face after attempting to jump to “second base” too quickly, or boring her to tears by talking incessantly about yourself. Add language and cultural differences into the mix and you’ve got yourself a recipe for an Asian mail order bride disaster. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Well, maybe, but the rewards are so great that men risk ruined reputations and egos just to spend precious moments with their beloved Asian brides. Here are several tips that may help you dodge the pitfalls of Asian bride dating.

Show up early for your date with your Asian mail order bride

Whether you are meeting an Asian mail order bride at her house or meeting at a mutually convenient place, you can be sure to disarm her instantly if you turn up early for the date with your Asian bride. Sure, you can just choose to get there on time, but you won’t earn extra points for that. Arriving early for your date is one way to show your Asian bride that you are excited about spending time with her and couldn’t wait to enjoy her company. Unless you have a very valid reason (your car broke down and you were mugged by pantyhose-masked men), do not arrive late.

Compliment your Asian mail order bride on how great she looks

You’re not the only one who tried out five different outfits before deciding on what to wear for your Asian mail order bride date. Chances are, your Asian bride rummaged through hundreds of apparel racks and polled her friends in order to find the perfect dress for the first date. Make your Asian bride swoon by telling her how lucky you are to be dating the most beautiful Asian lady you’ve ever seen. Pay attention to details of your Asian lady’s outfit that other guys would normally overlook, such as a matching necklace or a charming bracelet.

Treat your Asian bride like a lady

Chivalry lives on in the hearts and imagination of these gentle, conservative Asian brides. Open the doors for her. Pull up a chair for her. When you go for a walk, offer your arm to your Asian bride.
Asian brides have had enough of living in patriarchal societies where men expect to be served hand and foot. Your Asian mail order bride will surely be swept off her feet if you show her that a thoughtful gentleman like you still exists in this cynical world.

Do something that would indulge your common interests

Do you and your special Asian lady have a passion for the great outdoors? Try picnicking at a local park, or visit quaint, little-known destinations in your Asian lady’s hometown. Are sports a shared passion? Go swimming, water-skiing, or mountain hiking. As much as possible, resist the dinner-and-a-movie routine. Your date with your Asian bride should be used an opportunity for you to get to know each other more, and watching a movie takes away from this time.

Sample the local cuisine

Ditch the Big Mac and the T-bone steak. Explore culinary delights offered by your Asian mail order bride’s country. And while you’re tickling your taste buds, ask your Asian mail order bride about her favorite comfort foods or convince her to share her favorite recipe for chicken adobo. Be careful not to go overboard. If the idea of biting into a half-boiled, ready-to-hatch duck egg or chilly-barbecued chicken feet makes you feel queasy, try other less exotic dishes.

Shut up and listen to what your Asian mail order bride has to say

See the glazed, spaced-out look in your Asian lady’s eyes? That’s the look of utter boredom, caused by your constant yakking about yourself—your job, your car, your ex-girlfriends…Nothing kills your chances of having a follow-up date with your Asian bride more than acting like a self-absorbed jerk. Show genuine interest in what your Asian mail order bride has to say. Ask her about her family, her friends, and her first pet. Never inquire about her job unless she herself initiates a conversation about it.

Tell your Asian bride what a great time you’re having

Your Asian bride may be constantly worrying about how you feel the date is turning out. Assuring your Asian mail order bride that you are having the time of your life is one effective way to put her at ease. The more comfortable your Asian bride feels in your company, the more she will warm up to you and feel confident about herself.

Call your Asian mail order bride soon after the date

Time was when a guy said, “I’ll call you,” he would really give his date a ring. Asian brides long for a guy who still belongs to that era. Never play the waiting game with Asian brides. They are tired of men who trick them with false promises or lead them on a cat-and-mouse game. Don’t be coy! Call your Asian bride to say how much you enjoyed her company and that you cannot wait you see her again. And wipe that stupid grin off your face when you hear your Asian bride gush about your next date.

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      SCANNED June 5, 2020

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