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A Latin Bride Is One Hot Tamale!

There’s something about Maria, a typical Latin mail order bride. Sure, she’s gorgeous and can easily give J-Lo a run for her money. And yes, this Latin mail order bride speaks good English and has a college degree, but so do brides from other parts of the world. But what sets the Latin bride apart from mail order brides of other ethnicities is their paradoxical combination of sensuality and conventionality. Latin brides exude both lover and devoted wife.

Why Latin brides are searching for husbands abroad

Latin mail order brides represent 21 countries of Latin America, with each country having its unique set of customs and traditions. A common characteristic of these cultures is the pervasiveness of the machismo tradition. The Dictionary of Mexican Cultural Code Words defines machismo as the repudiation of all "feminine" virtues such as unselfishness, kindness, frankness and truthfulness. This so-called “cult of virility” has engendered a social condition where infidelity, jealousy, brutality, and vindictiveness are condoned among men. Latin brides regret the shortage of men without machismo. Latin mail order brides want men who are not bound by machismo but loving, responsible, faithful, and gentle, and they believe these qualities abound in Western men.

Socio-cultural expectations of Latin brides

Latin brides are steeped in traditional family values that teach them to be self-sacrificing moral guardians of the family. The responsibilities for child rearing and domestic chores fall on the shoulders of Latin mail order brides. Marriage plays a crucial role in the life of a Latin mail order bride and she will do anything to keep her marriage happy and intact. Devotion and fidelity come naturally to a Latin bride. Little wonder that many Western men are seeking a Latin bride to call their own.

Latin mail order brides assimilate faster into the U.S. culture

Another aspect that benefits Latin brides is the relative ease by which they assimilate into the U.S. culture. The influence of the Latin culture in the U.S. is rather strong. Spanish-language media is also pervasive in the West. Latin Americans are the fastest-growing minority in the U.S. and are expected to outnumber blacks, Asian Americans and all other minority segments by the year 2005. All these factors help to minimize the homesickness and adjustment-related problems that temporarily affect mail order brides from other countries. Latin mail order brides will never lack for things that will remind them of home. This would allow for a smoother transition into new surroundings, and consequently, lead to happier, stronger marriages between a Latin bride and her Western husband.

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