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Why Western Men Fall for Latin Mail Order Brides

Latin mail order brides all over Latin America may now be heaving a collective sigh of relief as one Latina after another gains prominence in her respective field of endeavor. For years, Latin mail order brides had borne the brunt of malicious stereotypes that uninitiated members of the media perpetuated about Latinas. Hollywood, in particular, was notorious for its unflattering depictions of Latinas as ignorant, lustful, sex-crazed vamps. Distorted perceptions had painted a bad image of the Latin mail order bride. Ironically, increased media visibility of famous Latinas is now opening the world’s eyes to the facts that lie behind the myths surrounding Latin mail order brides.

Latin mail order brides are educated, cultured, and well-mannered

Contrary to the entertainment industry’s early depictions of Latinas, Latin mail order brides are educated and have a good grasp of the English language. All through their lives, Latin brides are surrounded by music, dance, art, and literature. Whoever hasn’t heard of magic realism? Of Frida Kahlo? Of bossa nova and samba? The world’s profoundly diverse and vibrant cultural melting pot owes a lot to the countries that these Latin brides represent. Latin brides are taught to observe rules of etiquette and conduct largely influenced by Latin America’s Roman Catholic heritage. Trustworthiness and a strong sense of justice are virtues nurtured among Latin brides.

Latin brides maintain strong family ties and traditional values

Latin brides believe that family should be the strongest foundation of society. Latin brides take extreme pride in playing their roles as daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers in the family unit. A Latin mail order bride’s sense of belonging is most profound when she is part of “la familia.” In general, an unmarried Latin mail order bride does not leave the family nest when she reaches 18, unlike her Western counterparts. A Latin mail order bride stays with her parents until she gets married, or sometimes, even after she is married. The concept of extended families is by no means a strange one to a Latina bride.

Latin brides believe Western men possess the qualities of an ideal husband

The prevailing culture of machismo has left many Latin mail order brides disenchanted about Latin men as husbands. Latin mail order brides view local men as unfaithful and irresponsible. Machismo encourages qualities in local men that Latin brides have come to resent: chauvinism, jealousy, and vindictiveness. In Latin America, a Latin mail order bride is treated as inferior and a property of her boyfriend or husband. Most Latin brides perceive Western men to be faithful, gentle, honest, and responsible. Latin brides swoon over the way Western men treat women with a combination of respect and admiration. Latin brides are also appreciative of Western men who are not afraid to express their true feelings, a far cry from local men who are taught to believe that showing emotion is a sign of weakness.

A Latin bride makes the perfect lifetime companion

Due to her conservative upbringing and devotion to traditional family values, the Latin bride is able to adjust to married life with admirable ease. A Latin bride exhibits extreme loyalty to her husband and considers as a God-given duty the responsibility of looking after her husband’s and her children’s welfare. Skeptics have accused Latin mail order brides of marrying their way to a better life in the West. Only narrow-minded individuals believe that bigoted lie. A Latin bride would never leave her family, friends, job, and country unless she finds a responsible, loving, and honorable man who would be her husband. A husband that the Latin bride will love, cherish and honor for the rest of her life.

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      SCANNED June 5, 2020

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