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Keys to a Successful Foreign Bride Romance

Language barriers, cultural and religious differences, divergent traditions, and social disapproval. These are just some of the hurdles that Western men and their foreign brides encounter in their quest for international romance. With all the challenges facing Western man-foreign bride unions, one would think that they are doomed from the start. On the contrary, most relationships between Western men and their foreign brides have proven to be happier and more fulfilling than domestic relationships. These happy Western men-foreign bride couples are living proof that variety can be the spice of a Western man-foreign bride dating life, and that differences allow Western men and their foreign brides to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of each other’s culture and way of life. Admittedly, successful relationships between Western men and foreign brides do require a certain amount of work, but not as much as one would expect.

Bridging the language gap between Western men and foreign brides

A possible hurdle that Western men dating foreign brides may face is language differences. While most foreign brides speak, read, and write English well enough, the level of proficiency is such that it generally falls below native-speaker status. A foreign bride’s inability to articulate her feelings in a second language may become a source of frustration Western men’s use of slang and idiomatic expressions could set traps for misinterpretation. How can the Western man and the foreign bride foster open communication when each thinks the other is speaking in tongues? During the correspondence phase of the relationship, foreign brides can employ translation services that will assist them in composing letters to their Western admirers. Also, taking a course helps a foreign bride use the English language more confidently and eventually prepare her for the life that awaits her in her Western mate’s country. Of course, the Western man and his foreign bride should never underestimate the power of body language. Many foreign brides come from societies where language is accentuated by facial expressions, gestures, and physical contact. As matter of fact feelings are always best expressed through non-verbal communication.

Reconciling Western men and foreign brides’ differing cultural and religious backgrounds

Cultural and religious disparities pose, perhaps, the greatest threat to Western men and foreign brides who are dating or are already married. Should one of them have to convert to the other’s religion? In which culture should the children be brought up? Is the relationship worth the trouble of avoiding taboos and following culturally-conscripted rules of etiquette? These questions confound Western men and foreign brides who come from totally disparate backgrounds. To save themselves a lot of resentment and bitterness later on, the Western man and his foreign bride must sit down and resolve these differences early in the romantic relationship. No one should consider his or her value system more enlightened than the other. Different beliefs and attitudes can co-exist, as long as the Western man and his foreign bride respect each other’s traditions and creed. Western men and foreign brides should also take the initiative to learn about each other’s culture and religion, in order to gain a more profound understanding of what drives their actions and spurs their emotions and of what makes them accept their fate or what pushes them to take a stand.

Western men and foreign brides must build their own traditions

Traditions are a set of customs and norms that define a society and guide succeeding generations about how they should behave. Like culture and religion, tradition holds both peril and promise for Western man-foreign bride relationships. The best solution would be to formulate traditions that incorporate each side’s heritage and highlight areas where they find common ground. For instance, if the foreign bride prefers to celebrate New Year’s Eve with her family but her Western partner feels they should keep that day to themselves, the couple could segment the day and observe the special occasion in two places engaging in activities that the foreign bride has always enjoyed doing with her family.

Western men and foreign brides find there is strength in numbers

Raised eyebrows and long stares sometimes greet a Western man and his foreign bride as they weave in and out of various public circles, especially if they are of different races. The Western man and his foreign bride try to be oblivious to these glances, but their attempt at ignoring these looks fail. Ultimately, the Western man and his foreign bride learn to accept that social interest of their relationship is something that they are going to have to live with. For all the vaunted open-mindedness and tolerance that multiculturalism and globalization have engendered, there remains a little unspoken concern about unions between a Western man and a foreign bride, especially from Western women. Nonetheless, Western men and their foreign brides are building alliances with the growing number of similar couples. By connecting with other Western man-foreign bride couples, they gain support networks that widen their social sphere and help improve the visibility and acceptance of Western man-foreign bride. couples.

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