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Inna490 Inna  (Inna490)
I was reading the book and today I read it till the very end. It was happy that I got to know the ending but so much frustrated as the book is finished now. Need to find a new one to be read!
Sep. 09
Olga1503 Olga  (Olga1503)
I adore reading before going to bed, it is something that relaxes me. But sometimes I am so tired that I read a few lines and fall asleep immediately. Today was exactly such a day!
Jul. 13
Inna519 Inna  (Inna519)
I have found a book I like and I am feeling so thrilled while reading it. It is called Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, the plot is very interesting, as well as characters’ psychology.
Jun. 24
Irina1619 Irina  (Irina1619)
I have got a nice electronic book from my friend Inna and I am going to download my favourite books there. I like reading especially before going to bed, it relaxes me a lot.
May. 17
Eve1 Eve  (Eve1)
Started reading a very thrilling book by one of the famous modern French authors E.E. Schmidt. I like his books, they are about life and relationships between men and women.
May. 17
Elena2063 Elena  (Elena2063)
This spring, for my romantic mood, I began to read the bestseller "Singing in Blackthorn" Colin McCullough. And what can make your mood? :)
Mar. 15
Nataliya402 Nataliya  (Nataliya402)
Enjoyed going to the book shop with my friend Olya who works as a librarian. She has a good “book” taste and she helped me to buy good books. I will start reading them soon.
Feb. 24
Svetlana1398 Svetlana  (Svetlana1398)
I started to read a book by Kim Kiyosaki and it absolutely caught my attention. So, yesterday I went to bed at 3 am!!! Today I need much coffee!
Jan. 30
Lyubov62 Lyubov  (Lyubov62)
Tomorrow I will visit a new bookstore. I really hope to find something new to read, as I am fond of reading and cannot imagine my life without it!
Oct. 09
Margo3 Margo  (Margo3)
I recently finished reading 'The Picture of Dorian Grey'. Never thought that the idea of personal self-destruction may be so interesting to observe. I really enjoyed the book.
Jul. 02
Svetlana1354 Svetlana  (Svetlana1354)
I enjoyed going to the book shop with my friend who works as a librarian. She has a good taste in books and she helped me to choose some. I will start reading them soon.
Jun. 25
Albina44 Albina  (Albina44)
Spring is such cozy time for my heart and soul.. So today I grabbed interesting book 'Female lyrics' by Astakhovand and I am going to read it in on the bench in the park hiding under trees leaves.
Apr. 20
Victoria345 Victoria  (Victoria345)
Yesterday I finished the book 'Dandelion Wine'. I have to say it is my favorite book and I reread it several times but every time I find something new in it! I recommend it to everyone!
Dec. 13
Albina44 Albina  (Albina44)
We are always at the right place and in the right time. I read a wonderful book about self-development. And it teaches me to believe in myself right now and always.
Jan. 16
Tatyana638 Tatyana  (Tatyana638)
I wish to have relaxing evening at home with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. I bought new books at the bookstore and this weekend I will relax reading!
Nov. 11
Alina175 Alina  (Alina175)
I have found new style of manga (adult comics) and read it with great interest. I really liked characters, who are very close to real people with all their benefits and disadvantages. So real...
Oct. 06
Victoria324 Victoria  (Victoria324)
I cannot stop myself from reading the Guinness Book of Records. Could you imagine that a Ukrainian made the biggest goblet in the world for champagne with a volume of 56.2 liters. Wow!
Jun. 12
Marina781 Marina  (Marina781)
I recently read a book 'Love lives 3 years'. Earlier I just heard about this book but now I can say that it is a great book. I have a lot of emotions.
Mar. 17
Taniya2 Taniya  (Taniya2)
I have finished reading a very interesting book and feel sad now. Do you know this feeling when your favorite books ends? it is such a … disappointment!
Jan. 27
Albina39 Albina  (Albina39)
This week I start to read new book which is called Temptation island;) Very interesting and fascinating book! Do you want to know the plot?
Jul. 07


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