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Irina1568 Irina  (Irina1568)
I really like to swim, so I decided to visit the swimming pool. Now my trainings take place 2 times a week.
Sep. 11
Natalia1234 Natalia  (Natalia1234)
I decided to improve my health and during last two weeks I have jogging in the morning! I feel my self great and even managed to lose some weight.
Sep. 11
Valeriya86 Valeriya  (Valeriya86)
I decided to go in for sports and now I visit gym 3 times a week. I like it so much, as after trainings I feel better and more energetic.
Sep. 11
Elena1886 Elena  (Elena1886)
Visited Jump Park with my kid. I would never think that it is possible to be so tired after you jumped for an hour! I wish we could have had the same entertainments in our childhood.
Sep. 09
Lora10 Lora  (Lora10)
Had a training for legs there at the gym and now I am not feeling them at all. But I do like this feeling when you are walking down the stairs and this is so hard for you!
Sep. 04
Irina1525 Irina  (Irina1525)
I went for a walk today with a friend of mine, we wanted to walk around the city center but the weather was so windy that we decided to go to the café and enjoy some tea there. Good time!
Aug. 12
Svetlana1353 Svetlana  (Svetlana1353)
I have understood that I haven’t played bowling for ages! I like this game, it is a lot of fun to play it with your friends and see who is more skillful.
Aug. 12
Anastasiya151 Anastasiya  (Anastasiya151)
Had a workout at the gym today and now my body hurts me. I need some rest and a good sleep. Yet, no pain – no gain, right? Hot bath is something that helps and relaxes me.
Aug. 12
Yuliya194 Yuliya  (Yuliya194)
Tomorrow I will go kayaking together with my colleagues. It will be the first time I try kayaking and I am excited. I hope I will be good in it;)
Jul. 19
Angelina40 Angelina  (Angelina40)
Had a great bicycle ride today. It was great to enjoy riding along the streets and park allays, you ride and you forget about all the problems you may have. Such happiness!
Jul. 13
Juliya169 Juliya  (Juliya169)
The day was rainy and I took my kids to the children entertainment center. I was jumping as a kangaroo! ))Children give us so much energy, and you feel that you are so young!
Jul. 01
Viktoria316 Viktoria  (Viktoria316)
Traditionally I go to the gym early in the morning and now I also have a tradition to go swimming to the beach after it. It gives such a huge charge of energy for the whole day!
Jun. 30
Nataliya464 Nataliya  (Nataliya464)
Today I started my morning with jogging at the stadium and then I enjoyed a cup of iced latte on the beach. It was wonderful beginning of the day and I feel myself full of energy now!
May. 29
Svetlana1245 Svetlana  (Svetlana1245)
Went to the gym and saw that there are so many people there. Summer is coming and ladies and men want to look better. I am not an exception )
May. 24
Olga1503 Olga  (Olga1503)
Started jogging today! I have wanted to do it for a long time but it was cold and the weather was not proper for jogging. My muscles are sore, but I am feeling good.
Apr. 26
Svetlana1448 Svetlana  (Svetlana1448)
I feel so proud of myself! I have started going to the gym! I am very happy that I made myself go there, summer is coming, so it is time to keep fit.
Apr. 23
Anna1348 Anna  (Anna1348)
I am so proud of myself, all because I did a great job in gym prepairing my body to the summer bikini season! :)
Apr. 19
Svetlana1245 Svetlana  (Svetlana1245)
I played football today! That was the real adventure )) My godson took me for a walk to the park and brought a ball and we played a nice game. My muscles hurt me now!
Apr. 15
Elena2063 Elena  (Elena2063)
I've already started my reinforced spring course at gym, because I want to look perfect this summer!
Apr. 13
Marina756 Marina  (Marina756)
Yesterday my friends invited me to the gym for boxing training. I really liked it and I got a lot of positive emotions.
Apr. 09


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