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Viktoriya153 Viktoriya  (Viktoriya153)
Scooter riding is my favorite one in summer! Today my colleagues and I will ride it and take a common photo what we hang in our photo studio for a good memory.
Jun. 04
Viktoria316 Viktoria  (Viktoria316)
Last week I had new photoshoot and it was a little bit unusual for me to feel myself like a photo-model, but I got so much enjoyment!
Sep. 12
Anna935 Anna  (Anna935)
On weekend I got the certificate for photo shooting from my girlfriend and it was so nice gift. I was treated like a real model and I have so unforgettable memories about this day!
Apr. 25
Natalia1046 Natalia  (Natalia1046)
I will have a photo session soon. It was my dream and my sons decided to give me the certificate as a gift. It is so kind from their side! So, I will feel myself like real model tomorrow!
Nov. 18
Svetlana1263 Svetlana  (Svetlana1263)
I had a new photo shoot today on the riverside. It was cold but I tried not to show it cause I wanted to look stunning in my pictures. I hope to see them soon and put them here on this website.
Sep. 10
Daria111 Daria  (Daria111)
I went to an unusual photo session where I take photo with real tiger! It was so scary, but so great. Of course it was just tiger cub!;) Do you wish to see my photos with him?
May. 26
Nataliya278 Nataliya  (Nataliya278)
Yesterday I was invited to photo class as a model, where I was a romantic lady in long evening dress. I really liked my makeup and the process of the photo shoot so much.
May. 13
Elena2065 Elena  (Elena2065)
My new photos are up! I am not sure if those pics are better, but I put them in my profile here. So you could take a look at them and tell me your opinion. Have a great day everyone. :)
Apr. 28
Anastasia141 Anastasia  (Anastasia141)
I had new photo-shoot this weekend and it was new experience for me. I felt myself like real model with professional makeup! probably all girls like to feel themselves like models!
Apr. 04
Marina792 Marina  (Marina792)
Recently I spent pleasant time on a new photo shoot! I love my new photos and I hope, you will see them soon and enjoy them!
Jan. 23
Elena2063 Elena  (Elena2063)
A few days ago I made a photo session and photos are already on this site, do you think I look good on my new photos?
Jan. 12
Anna493 Anna  (Anna493)
Good news for me! A famous Crimean photgrapher is going to give master class in my native town. I'll visit the event! Photography is my passion.
Mar. 02

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