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Anya4 Anya  (Anya4)
Me and my friends cooked sushi today. we had a perfect time as it is not only tasty to eat them but it is great to communicate while cooking. Sushi time was so warm!
Sep. 04
Irina1525 Irina  (Irina1525)
Got bad news from my friend Zhenya –her mother is there at the hospital. I am sad that it is so, I know her very well, she is a kind-hearted lady and I do want to go to the hospital and support her.
Sep. 04
Alisa26 Alisa  (Alisa26)
My colleague brought me to her favourtie café where she enjoys drinking cacao. I tasted it and I can state for sure that this is the tastiest one here in Zaporozhye. I like cacao!
Aug. 12
Galina289 Galina  (Galina289)
My friend Inna presented me a great lipstick! She bought it for herself, but the colour was not suitable for her. I am very happy and I have got compliments from my girlfriends on my new lipstick )
Aug. 12
Elena1886 Elena  (Elena1886)
My friend Ira’s husband has got cancer and they have been treating him in Kiev for nearly two years. The most awful thing that he is a young father, his son is just two and a half years old.
Aug. 06
Anfisa5 Anfisa  (Anfisa5)
Do you always approve your friends’ choices? Personally I give my opinion if I am asked about it, but I always respect my friend’s decisions and try to accept it.
Aug. 06
Elena2236 Elena  (Elena2236)
My friend Lena is going to have a surgery next week and I have my fingers crossed for her. This surgery is planned and I hope that the outcome will be much more than positive.
Aug. 06
Irina1575 Irina  (Irina1575)
My friend’s husband had a surgery this week, he has got a serious illness and I do worry about him a lot. I hope that everything will be all right for my friend and her family.
Jul. 13
Inna519 Inna  (Inna519)
My friend Valya and her family went to Turkey to have their vacations there. I am happy for them as they both work hard and raise children so such escape at least for 7 days is a good idea!
Jul. 11
Yulia344 Yulia  (Yulia344)
During the bike ride, Katya and I laughed a lot, talked a lot, were secret ... We had a very good time. The bright lights of the evening city inspired new roads!
Jul. 04
Elena2236 Elena  (Elena2236)
Had a crazy day cooking in the kitchen! My friend from Kiev came to visit me and I wanted to impress her with something tasty. It was an apple pie and she told me it was a success!
Jul. 04
Svetlana1314 Svetlana  (Svetlana1314)
Went to the café to see my friend Inna, we haven’t met for ages and I am happy that our meeting took place. The day was hot so we enjoyed drinking milkshake and chatting.
Jul. 04
Irina1575 Irina  (Irina1575)
I am under the shock as I have got to know that one of my friend’s husband is having cancer…He is a young man, I wonder how it is possible…I am praying and believe in the best.
Jul. 01
Inna424 Inna  (Inna424)
Yesterday, I had the guests from Kiev. They came for a few days to my city and we spent the whole day on the beach yesterday. So, now my skin is like caramel;) It was really great time!
Jun. 28
Anastasiya151 Anastasiya  (Anastasiya151)
My friend Katya’s baby girl is celebrating her first six months of life today. I phoned and congratulated them, this is the first important date!
Jun. 24
Yulia344 Yulia  (Yulia344)
A friend of my childhood named Katya offered to rent bicycles and ride around the evening city! I gladly accepted the offer - a wonderful summer!
Jun. 19
Anastasia427 Anastasia  (Anastasia427)
Found a good present for my friend, but don’t know how to get it. I can order it through the Internet but I don’t know how long I am going to wait for the delivery.
Jun. 18
Nadiya6 Nadiya  (Nadiya6)
My friend who has just come back from her vacations on Cyprus brought me a nice souvenir. It is shower gel and tasty chocolate candies. I would like to go abroad one day too!
Jun. 18
Svetlana1245 Svetlana  (Svetlana1245)
Had a meeting with my former colleague Tanya. She works in a state institution now and she likes it. She is a lucky person because she found a good job when the unemployment is high.
Jun. 18
Yulia344 Yulia  (Yulia344)
My friend had a birthday yesterday: she had a picnic for 70 people in the forest, dragged the equipment and made a real concert! I am amazed at her strength! So the resurrection night went well!
Jun. 10


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