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Marina849 Marina  (Marina849)
My son was so gloomy all the day long because of the bad mark the teacher had given to him. I try to explain my son that marks are not important in comparison to knowledge he gets.
Aug. 06
Irina1675 Irina  (Irina1675)
My godson is a great boy! Yesterday I played football with him and I did feel like a little child. Kids are the real angels!
Jul. 04
Taniya2 Taniya  (Taniya2)
Met with a friend of mine who is a mother of a lovely 2 year’s old girl. She tried to pronounce my name and it sounded like “Tata” instead of “Tanya”. So sweet and genuine!
Jul. 01
Albina44 Albina  (Albina44)
My lovely baby Kira is having a week holidays, days off from school. So we are going to have a funny happy times together playing, reading books and walks on the beach. I love my baby so much! :)
Mar. 29
Irina1568 Irina  (Irina1568)
Yesterday my daughter Victoria decided to surprise me and presented my favorite perfume "Dior". It was very pleasant and unexpected!
Mar. 19
Irina1525 Irina  (Irina1525)
Enjoyed a good day with my son and daughter at the entertainment center. We went shopping and then went to the cinema. It was a great cartoon one!
Feb. 17
Viktoria316 Viktoria  (Viktoria316)
My son will have graduation from school this year and it is extremely busy time with exams, preparations, etc. On weekend we go to Dnipro to buy the suit for him and hope shopping will be productive)
Feb. 13
Evgenia110 Evgenia  (Evgenia110)
Today I had to take my son with me to work, because the schools are closed this week due to problems with water. So, he promised to behave himself well and stay on classes with me!
Jan. 31
Anna1348 Anna  (Anna1348)
Such a great day was for me yesterday! My 3y.o. son Michael had his first performance in kinder garden! He had a costume of little bear and was reading little poem! I am so much proud of him!
Dec. 21
Elena2065 Elena  (Elena2065)
This weekend I spent with my godson. We went into the Mariupol's Central Park. I got a lot of fun and positive emotions!
Dec. 07
Ekaterina723 Ekaterina  (Ekaterina723)
My daughter has passed her examination session getting all A's! I was so happy for her that bought a ski tour for our family and we will head to Alps, have you ever been there?
Nov. 29
Svetlana1314 Svetlana  (Svetlana1314)
Went shopping today and found a nice Christmas gift for my son and my daughter-in-law. They like playing chess so I am sure they will like the chessboard I have got for them!
Nov. 22
Svetlana1353 Svetlana  (Svetlana1353)
I have got to know that my son has been dating with a girlfriend : ) Well, I am so curious to learn the details but I want him to share what he would like to step by step. No pressure is necessary!
Nov. 22
Juliya169 Juliya  (Juliya169)
Tonight my kids came up to me and told me that I am the best mom ever. How happy I felt having heard these words. Happiness is found in such simple things.
Nov. 21
Irina1790 Irina  (Irina1790)
It is done! I signed my daughter Dasha for singing classes. Seems like she really likes it so far. Our teacher says Dasha has a big talent!)) As a mother, I am glad to hear such words!)
Nov. 12
Elena1886 Elena  (Elena1886)
My daughter Milana drew a wonderful picture at school and gave it to me as a present. It is a bouquet of chamomiles and it looks so great. I placed it in my bedroom, I am such a happy mother!
Nov. 10
Natalia1234 Natalia  (Natalia1234)
My daugter visits dancing and recently she took the first place at the city's competitions! I am very proud of my girl!
Aug. 30
Natalia1305 Natalia  (Natalia1305)
My kids went to another city for a few days and I am alone at home now. It is pleasure not to have to cook in the evenings and just enjoy relaxing time!
Jul. 31
Lyudmila282 Lyudmila  (Lyudmila282)
My children invited me to go to the seaside together with them. I am so happy about it as they are adults already and I did not expect that they would invite me to rest together with them.
Jul. 03
Natalia1347 Natalia  (Natalia1347)
For my Birthday my son made a great surprise for me. He cooked perfect cake with chocolate and fruits! I guess my friend, his God mother helped him a bit. But I am so proud of him!
Jun. 15


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