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Eve1 Eve  (Eve1)
My relatives invited me to the celebration of their wedding anniversary. We don’t often communicate, but it will be a good time to see each other. I will have a chance to see all my cousins.
Sep. 04
Galina289 Galina  (Galina289)
Enjoyed a good day with my family members at the entertainment center. We went shopping and then went to the cinema. I didn’t like the movie but we did have a good time together!
Sep. 04
Albina39 Albina  (Albina39)
My sister come to Kiev to see me. I was very happy to enjoy my time with her and have the nice time together. I wish that we could see each other more often!
Aug. 29
Viktoriya153 Viktoriya  (Viktoriya153)
Just right after work in beauty salon, I decided to dedicate a free time to my parents, we had a coffee along with croissants in cafe Cappuccino.
Aug. 13
Marina875 Marina  (Marina875)
My mother has come to visit me and I am very happy as I missed her! Though living in a small flat is a challenge as I have my two almost adult sons, so the queue to the bathroom never ends!
Aug. 06
Svetlana1399 Svetlana  (Svetlana1399)
Today I spent the whole day together with my little granddaughter and it was really great to spend time outdoors by the seaside on such hot summer day.
Jul. 31
Irina1831 Irina  (Irina1831)
My mom came to visit me. I missed her a lot and we are very close! I look like my mom and she made a great job to raise me.
Jul. 20
Lidiya23 Lidiya  (Lidiya23)
My daughter bought the flat in Kiev and I decided to help them and to go to work for three months. I am going to work to Moscow
Jul. 17
Marina756 Marina  (Marina756)
My God mother died, we were very close with her. Her funeral was on the same day with my dad's anniversary. She was the best adviser for me.
Jul. 17
Liliya103 Liliya  (Liliya103)
Today we have been to the waterpark together with my daughter and her family. It was fun to spend time all together and it was nice experience for me.
Jul. 13
Natalia1305 Natalia  (Natalia1305)
Today we have gloomy weather and that is why we decided to spend time at the cottage together with my family and close friends. It is just perfect weather for bbq in summer.
Jul. 11
Lyubov62 Lyubov  (Lyubov62)
Now I help my mom with my nephews, as my sister went to Poland to work for half a year and left children with her.
Jul. 03
Eve1 Eve  (Eve1)
Had a great time with my cousin walking around the city center. It is thrilling to spend time with her, she is a teenager and her way of thinking is specific and pretty funny!
Jul. 01
Irina1734 Irina  (Irina1734)
The next week my son and his wife will have holidays abroad. They asked me to stay with their daughter and I am very happy about it. She is such a cute girl!
Jun. 30
Nataliya397 Nataliya  (Nataliya397)
Yesterday I spent relaxing time with my daughter, my brothers and their families at the yacht. It was really great experience and we enjoyed time on the fullest!
Jun. 30
Olga1543 Olga  (Olga1543)
We spent relaxing weekend all together with my family at the cottage of my father. We had bbq yesterday in the evening and today in the morning we went fishing. Such a relaxing time!
Jun. 30
Marina756 Marina  (Marina756)
Yesterday I was at school of my nephews on the last bell. Then we went for a walk around the city with the whole our family, rode the attractions and had a lunch at the cafe.
Jun. 01
Christina16 Christina  (Christina16)
Today I got to know that one of my distant relatives gave birth to a child! I am very happy for her, she waited for a child for many years and finally she has become a mother.
Jun. 01
Inna490 Inna  (Inna490)
Decided to make a surprise for my mother and brought flowers for her. She smiled and kissed me and you know this is the best thing in the world to make your mother happy.
Jun. 01
Inna490 Inna  (Inna490)
Recently I have got to know that my mother and god mother had a quarrel. They were friends for so many years and now my god mother decided to stop communication with us.
May. 11


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