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Galina313 Galina  (Galina313)
I have never tried horse riding, but my friend suggested me to try it together with her on coming weekend. Hope, the horse will like me;)
Nov. 12
Albina39 Albina  (Albina39)
I am a huge football fan and it is so wonderful that today in Kiev is the final of League Champions. I have a ticket and cannot wait for the match to begin today!
May. 26
Nataliya464 Nataliya  (Nataliya464)
I started to play tennis recently and I really liked this sport. It is fun and a great workout, too!
May. 22
Galina317 Galina  (Galina317)
Today we decided to play tennis with my kids in our local indoor court and it was really funny and active time. And it helps me to keep my body in good shape.
Jan. 29
Inna424 Inna  (Inna424)
I take part in sport marathon and due to it I will have intensive training at the gym and special diet. I think it is good not only to improve the body, but also test your will!
Jan. 27
Anfisa5 Anfisa  (Anfisa5)
Summer is a perfect time for pole dancing. Why? Because there is a really great a/c system there in the gym where we have our training. It is good to enjoy your hobby and keep cool as the same time.
Aug. 08
Inna424 Inna  (Inna424)
I decided to start taking classes at the gym. So today I went shopping and bought new and very nice sport leggings and top!
Aug. 07
Veronika67 Veronika  (Veronika67)
I took my bicycle on weekend and went far from the city. We have so many beautiful landscapes around. I have to go more often to new places.
Jul. 10
Irina1513 Irina  (Irina1513)
I went to a Golf center with my friend to try hitting balls. I always liked that game and wanted to try to play. Our instructor helped us and we played well a golf there.
Jun. 17
Elena1925 Elena  (Elena1925)
Do you like sports? Sometimes when good basketball team plays in my city I go to watch the game live. It is not frequent, but from time to time I do observe sports.
May. 31
Viktoriya111 Viktoriya  (Viktoriya111)
Last weekend I went outside the city to ride horses and I feel I'm in love with this animals! I wanted to go there again. but it'll rain this weekend.:(
May. 12
Elena1641 Elena  (Elena1641)
Today I tried skating for the first time and I had much fun. It is always nice to try something new. By the way, I was pretty good on the skating rink)
Jan. 13
Marina409 Marina  (Marina409)
Tomorrow we are planning to travel to our local ski resort all together with my children and grandchildren. I am excited about such active weekend with my family!
Jan. 12
Albina39 Albina  (Albina39)
This week was hard for me cause I started to learn extreme driving. The first class was hard but interesting. Because of these classes, I know I want to avoid bad accidents on the road in the future.
Sep. 30
Ekaterina671 Ekaterina  (Ekaterina671)
I was at the tennis court and watched professional game. It was so impressive. They are so good it is amazing. I think one day I will try this game.
Aug. 26
Alexandra84 Alexandra  (Alexandra84)
I spent the day at wake park and had a lot of fun there! I really like water, swimming and adrenaline from extreme sport makes me feel alive!
Jul. 16
Alina175 Alina  (Alina175)
Ok, Euro 2016 is coming to the end so soon. Today I will watch the game between Portugal and Wales. And I do not know whom to root for... Both are really good teams. :)
Jul. 06
Nailya8 Nailya  (Nailya8)
I started to take tennis classes and I love it. I never thought that tennis can be so hard to learn but I do progress. I feel stronger and stronger every day.
Jun. 27
Alina175 Alina  (Alina175)
Oh my, I need to say that I am totally involved with Euro 2016! I am so sad for the first game of Ukrainian team but I hope that they will rehabilitate with next game. I can't stop watching...
Jun. 16
Alla259 Alla  (Alla259)
I like different kinds of extreme. And this summer I am going to try raffting. Last year I tried kayaking and I liked it a lot. So think raffting will be very interesting and funny! :)
May. 13


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