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Inna531 Inna  (Inna531)
I have joined this platform! I hope to find my soul mate here and deep in my heart I always felt that my beloved will be from abroad
Jul. 20
Iryna15 Iryna  (Iryna15)
Wow, this is my first day here, I have a great hope to find a good man here! I would like to meet someone here soon.
Jul. 29
Anna906 Anna  (Anna906)
I love spring, can't wait to see the cherry trees in blossom! I believe spring is the most romantic time of the year, perfect time to fall in love. Can't wait to see what this spring will bring me.
Apr. 17
Lyubov62 Lyubov  (Lyubov62)
I am back to my parents city and home. I live in Konstantinovka right now and it is always nice to stay with parents. But I dream about creating my own nest and have my own family!
Mar. 31
Oksana573 Oksana  (Oksana573)
This is very cold right now and even in day time we have -10 C. I wish I had strong man beside me to keep me warm! ;)
Feb. 27
Elena1886 Elena  (Elena1886)
What do you do when you are dog tired but you need to work? It is so hard to find strengths for working and going further sometimes. I feel like I need something or someone who will motivate me.
Jul. 07
Svetlana1338 Svetlana  (Svetlana1338)
Life is too short to spend it on loneliness!! So I came to this site to find a man with whom I can share my life!
Mar. 02
Tanichka1 Tanichka  (Tanichka1)
I saw an old man and woman walking along the street hand in hand. It is such a lovely view! It is wonderful that people still have such strong feelings!
Jan. 23
Alisa26 Alisa  (Alisa26)
It is middle of January already. Time is going by so quickly! I want to find out when I will have my vacation this year. Do you want also know when? Maybe we can plan a meeting?
Jan. 20
Anna1193 Anna  (Anna1193)
This week was very busy, but weekend already here and I have more time to be active here on the website. My heart open for new feelings!
Dec. 23
Veronika67 Veronika  (Veronika67)
I look at the snow and Christmas lights around. And I am almost happy, but I need a man who will embrace me... I need some kind of miracle for Christmas! :)
Dec. 17
Nina103 Nina  (Nina103)
If there is such a thing as lovely weather, I think we have it here. I spent my morning together with my girlfriends by the sea shore, but it is cold and sad day out.
Nov. 19
Anna1193 Anna  (Anna1193)
I am new lady here, and I believe that I will find my only one man here! I am a little bit shy, but my heart open for new things! Even I surprise myself if I hit post button. Hope to hear you soon.
Oct. 08
Marina756 Marina  (Marina756)
Kiev is one of the most beautiful cities in the world when autumn comes. Do you want to come to me, meet me in person and enjoy this beauty together? I am for a real meeting.
Aug. 17
Svetlana1108 Svetlana  (Svetlana1108)
It feels like I am more open nowadays. And I am ready to meet new people. I want to meet new people and discover something new. This is my longlasting mood. Catch my wave! ;)
Aug. 10
Elena2063 Elena  (Elena2063)
My family vacation just ended... I'm going to be online often now and you will be able to evaluate my sun tan :)
Aug. 09
Alexandra85 Alexandra  (Alexandra85)
I decided to start my diary here. Maybe it will help to find my soulmate.:) Meanwhile it's Friday and I am going to visit cinema after work. :)
May. 13
Elena2065 Elena  (Elena2065)
This weekend I want to dedicate for myself and my personal life. So I will be online her, waiting for you! :)
Mar. 25
Viktoria235 Viktoria  (Viktoria235)
I came home from work and now really want to be near a man with whom you can just talk. I do not have enough communication. Maybe you want to speak with me now ?)
Mar. 24
Olga1562 Olga  (Olga1562)
Day ended. I met my friend and we talked about week. It was busy but now the weekends are coming. I will rest, I wish you were here... My the One ...
Mar. 18


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