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Elena2063 Elena  (Elena2063)
Yesterday was my 1st lesson of teaching the Ukrainian grammar to the primary classes at school. I am proud some children found my explanation of the subject so interesting enough!
Sep. 10
Nastya16 Nastya  (Nastya16)
I was late to the office today and my boss was angry with me. That was sad as I am a person who is punctual and who hates being late. But morning times can be so hectic!
Aug. 20
Anastasia427 Anastasia  (Anastasia427)
I got a promotion! Now I get bigger salary but have more duties. My bosses told me that they value me as a good worker – I do feel very proud )
Aug. 06
Nailya8 Nailya  (Nailya8)
I have found the new job already and I like it so much! The job is very interesting and nice one, I like that it connects with building industry. I would be working as the engineer!
Aug. 05
Nailya8 Nailya  (Nailya8)
This week I have got a few interviews and I like it. Unfortunately, no one has called me back yet, so I have gained my energy and try to have more meetings next week.
Jul. 28
Nailya8 Nailya  (Nailya8)
I am thinking about changing my work because the responsibility that I have is not so much coincide with income that I get. I hope to find another job soon and right now prepare for interviews .
Jul. 22
Anna1218 Anna  (Anna1218)
I went to Dnepropetrovsky for high up qualification courses in cosmetology! I adore my job and never stop growing and learning something new
Jul. 20
Elvira40 Elvira  (Elvira40)
Now I changed the place of work and I am so happy about my new job. I continue the work as the manager, but now I deal with good brands and private clients and it is so interesting.
Jul. 19
Alina363 Alina  (Alina363)
Recently I got a job on a summer time and now I work as an administrator at a recreation center at the Black Sea. I like this work very much and it's a good opportunity to earn money.
Jul. 03
Nailya8 Nailya  (Nailya8)
Lately I have been very exhausted at my work and I hate it! I definitely need the break right now but I wonder when I am going to have it.
Jul. 02
Albina39 Albina  (Albina39)
I am working as the copy writer right now and I love my job! I like to use my creative mind, that is what makes me feel very happy and self-confident person, that is what gives me wings!
Jul. 02
Elena2071 Elena  (Elena2071)
I started to attend make-up courses. I am interested in beauty industry and I think it is useful to learn something new all the time.
Jun. 30
Svetlana1219 Svetlana  (Svetlana1219)
I returned home late from my business trip and I had no hot water at home. It was terrible. So, I had to take cold shower. But I should tell that it is not so bad in summer and it helps to relax;)
Jun. 30
Nina103 Nina  (Nina103)
Summer season is busy time in my city, because we have many tourists. So, yesterday we had to work till 3 am. I was sleeping like a baby after it, but hope not to have so long working evenings again.
Jun. 28
Galina289 Galina  (Galina289)
Found a good part time job for summer, it will be an additional source of income for me. Winter season is going to be rather hard taking into account the prices for utilities.
Jun. 18
Nataliya402 Nataliya  (Nataliya402)
The whole working week I was trying to make myself work. My colleagues are on holidays and I am sitting almost all alone there at the office.
Jun. 18
Elena2063 Elena  (Elena2063)
As I noticed already, I dont have offical work now, but I help children to study Ukrainian language and translation into Russian. I do private lessons at home. :)
Jun. 07
Irina1619 Irina  (Irina1619)
Went to the countryside as I have got an extra day off from my boss. He appreciate my good work last month and decided to make me such present! I like days off )
Jun. 02
Yuliya207 Yuliya  (Yuliya207)
Tomorrow we will have general cleaning at work. We traditionally do it in the end of the year with my pupils and then we arrange a little picnic in school yard!
May. 31
Elena2063 Elena  (Elena2063)
This May was pretty busy for me, lots of paper work, but I finaly finished reports and ready for summer vacation. :)
May. 29


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