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Anna1193 Anna  (Anna1193)
Change of seasons is not only a change of time of the year, it is a change that I want to appear in my everyday routine. Today I’m going to the hairdresser's. New season, new hair color. Vivid change
Sep. 09
Irina1575 Irina  (Irina1575)
I am tired of summer and I do miss winter time! I had a great one last year, I went to Kiev with my friends and we enjoyed great weather, a lot of walking and sightseeing. I want winter to come!
Aug. 20
Viktoriya111 Viktoriya  (Viktoriya111)
I visited my hairdresser a few days ago to refresh my look for spring. And where is spring? It is snowing again. I want sun and warmth and to meet my true love! :)
Mar. 16
Lyudmila282 Lyudmila  (Lyudmila282)
If not my dog, I would have stayed home today, wrapped into a warm blanket and drinking mint tea with lemon and honey. It is so called outside!
Mar. 01
Liliya72 Liliya  (Liliya72)
This week I have a little vacation and it is so wonderful to enjoy long autumn days at home with good book and not to have to go outside, because it is so cold here now!
Oct. 25
Alina212 Alina  (Alina212)
Last weekend I visited Uman' and its beautiful park in autumn colors made very good impression to me! I feel insired and relaxed after such trip. Nature makes wonders to my mood.
Oct. 23
Anastasia426 Anastasia  (Anastasia426)
I am lucky to have long weekend from Friday to Sunday and we plan to go on nature together with my daughter Angelina and spend time in the cottage. It is perfect season for such time outdoors!
Oct. 12
Ekaterina671 Ekaterina  (Ekaterina671)
This month began the active blooming of trees and very often when I coming home I take off the flowers from my hair.
May. 11
Svetlana1257 Svetlana  (Svetlana1257)
I am so happy to see appricots in bloom! I really enjoy this sweet smell in the air. :) I want to go for a walk in park and take some pictures of this beauty also. :)
Apr. 12
Irina1513 Irina  (Irina1513)
I adore the forest in the autumn, I like that fresh air and the leaves are painted in different colors. So I took a walk in the forest with my dad and his dog today and feel very happy.
Oct. 13
Irina1463 Irina  (Irina1463)
This morning was extremely cold and I even decided to wear my warm coat. Probably, it is time to unpack winter clothes. So, I guess I already know what I will be doing in the evening;)
Oct. 12
Albina44 Albina  (Albina44)
This autumn is a nice season for me... first of all because I have a birthday! :) lol And second because its the best time to find you love and warm up. Do you agree?
Oct. 06
Elena1886 Elena  (Elena1886)
Heat has come to Ukraine and now it is time to think of my vacations. I will have a few days off so it would be great to spend them at the seaside.
Jun. 19
Alexandra84 Alexandra  (Alexandra84)
I was waiting for summer so much, but it seems it wasn't waiting for me... I keep working outs in gym even in rainy day. And I keep waiting for the sun and warmth.
Jun. 11
Dariya21 Dariya  (Dariya21)
Yesterday my brother went on a business trip to the city and he took me with him. I went shopping and bought a few good dresses. Spring is time for new dresses, I believe, ;)
Mar. 14
Inna438 Inna  (Inna438)
It was a nice day. I really enjoy the sun while walking at the park. There are so many autumn colors, it was beautiful. Do you have many colors in autumn around your part of the world too?
Nov. 05
Valentina251 Valentina  (Valentina251)
Today it was raining and I was cold, probably I need to wear warm clothes?Or maybe You will you will take care of me?
Oct. 24
Albina39 Albina  (Albina39)
Summertime is going to end and I enjoy each sunny day! Last week I went to a picnic in the park and had a wonderful time while swimming and sunbathing! What are your activities these days?
Aug. 24
Nina103 Nina  (Nina103)
That is the last week of summer and I am a little bit upset about it. Autumn is so cold season and it is wonderful only when your second half is next to you.
Aug. 24
Elena1886 Elena  (Elena1886)
It will be April here in a week. March always lasts for so long and I always wait for warmth to come, but this year it has passed by!
Mar. 25

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