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Inna490 Inna  (Inna490)
Went to the museum of Local History with my friends. I have never thought that it may be so interesting to watch things they have there. I will visit this Museum again for sure!
Jul. 13
Eve1 Eve  (Eve1)
Visited a great art exhibition that is open now in the city center. There are a lot of works of very talented young artists there. I like art and creative talented people.
Apr. 26
Albina39 Albina  (Albina39)
I love to visit museums in Kiev and different exhibitions. My favorite place for that in Kiev is Pinchuk Art Center. The modern artists are always represented there and I love it so much!
Mar. 07
Albina39 Albina  (Albina39)
I love to attend the cultural events in Kiev and this time I was at Pinchuk Art center. There was exhibition of famous performer Banksy. His works are rather curious ones but I loved the whole show.
Jan. 22
Anastasia427 Anastasia  (Anastasia427)
Tonight me and my daughter visited circus here in Zaporozhye! I haven’t been there for ages, I am not a fan of circus but my daughter enjoys going there. It means a lot for me to see her happy.
Nov. 22
Nataliya403 Nataliya  (Nataliya403)
Yesterday I was at concert of Ukrainian singer. I have never been at concerts like that before. I spent great time and now thinking whose concert I would love to visit next time.
Sep. 13
Nataliya352 Nataliya  (Nataliya352)
Recently I had an opportunity to visit a lecture about the culture of the peoples of the world and to draw pictures on this theme.
Aug. 24
Svetlana1172 Svetlana  (Svetlana1172)
I do not know what you do on Friday night, and I ..... As always, I found adventures. I'm going to the Opera !!! The main theater-goer of the country arrived in Odessa
Sep. 27
Albina39 Albina  (Albina39)
I do love French culture and I was happy to visit the festival of French movies in Kiev. French original movies were shown with Ukrainian subtitles and I enjoyed to watch them and learn a lot!
Dec. 17
Ruslana17 Ruslana  (Ruslana17)
My friends in the theatre are going to show new performance tonight. Certainly I will go to see and encourage them!!!
Mar. 02
Anna493 Anna  (Anna493)
I have come back home very tired from the theatre, the rehearsal was very difficult. Tomorrow our cast must give excellent performance!
Sep. 27

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