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Anya4 Anya  (Anya4)
Had such a realistic dream tonight! I was so scared when I waked up because a huge fish wanted to eat me and I was running away from it. Yet, fish is a good sign!
Jun. 01
Yulia344 Yulia  (Yulia344)
It's important to keep it positive. Someone shouts at you, and you kindly answer. And people no longer want to scream. They think: "why am I gone broke?" Yes, today I have a philosophical mood!
May. 21
Svetlana1448 Svetlana  (Svetlana1448)
Couldn’t fall asleep for a long time tonight, so I was staying in my bed and dreaming of my future sweetheart. Maybe it is silly but I like imagining my future family life.
May. 17
Irina1525 Irina  (Irina1525)
Decided to start a handwritten diary. Sometimes it may be hard to cope with all the thoughts you have on your mind, so when you write them down, it is better to analyze everything.
May. 03
Alisa26 Alisa  (Alisa26)
Nothing prominent or exciting happened. Just an ordinary day when I came back home, and loneliness met me. I am fed up with it, evenings are so sad when you are alone.
Apr. 26
Taniya2 Taniya  (Taniya2)
Had a very funny dream at night. I went to the theater and instead of watching a play I found a restaurant there. I was given a lot of tasty dishes.
Apr. 11
Eve1 Eve  (Eve1)
Started my day with a smile. I have read that if you want to have a successful day you need to come to a mirror and smile. In this case your day will be positive.
Apr. 11
Juliya169 Juliya  (Juliya169)
I saw a very funny dream tonight. I have bought a lot of tea ) I don’t know why I needed it in such great amount but it was so heavy that I couldn’t carry it.
Mar. 18
Inna519 Inna  (Inna519)
I had the same dream almost every night! I see my friend Valeria who is inviting me to her place. I have phoned her, she is safe and sound. Such a strange dream, indeed!
Mar. 12
Olga1503 Olga  (Olga1503)
Had a very bad dream tonight. I saw a lot of stray dogs who were chasing me and trying to bite me. They say that if you see dogs in your night dreams it is good, but I guess not this time.
Mar. 12
Tatiana1028 Tatiana  (Tatiana1028)
I dream to walk the same road as my partner does. I hope to walk the same direction, what is important! I will do my best to find the right person for life, for love, for ever. Will you do, too?
Mar. 01
Elena2370 Elena  (Elena2370)
It is the right day to start our acquaintance with a kind HELLO word!) I am nice and family oriented lady, serious and easy going, I am charm and elegant. I am what you really need!) I wait a letter!
Mar. 01
Nadiya6 Nadiya  (Nadiya6)
I had a great dream at night about vacations. I saw blue sea, the water was so crystal and clear there! The sun was shining. I didn’t want to wake up!
Feb. 24
Natalia1309 Natalia  (Natalia1309)
Had a very strange dream tonight – I was in a fairy tale and I was a princess looking for my prince! This dream surprised me ) can that be a good sign?
Feb. 17
Daria128 Daria  (Daria128)
I visit all the small parts of the city when I started to be working as a realtor. I think every work gives something good.)
Feb. 11
Galina289 Galina  (Galina289)
At night I had a dream about horses. I have never had such a dream before so I was rather surprised! But as I have already read, it is a good sign!
Jan. 22
Svetlana1353 Svetlana  (Svetlana1353)
Had a bad dream tonight. It was about walking on a factory, I even don’t know this place. I have always wondered where our consciousness takes such plots.
Jan. 18
Elena2063 Elena  (Elena2063)
Tonight I had a dream that in my room there are huge bouquets of tulips, it seems to me that I still feel aroma of it, but what does this mean? Maybe I miss the spring or it is kind of prophetic dream
Jan. 16
Anastasia427 Anastasia  (Anastasia427)
I read my horoscope and burst into laughter. They predicted that I would find a lot of money today. Horoscopes often make me smile and laugh. Sometimes such silly things are stated in them.
Dec. 29
Nataliya403 Nataliya  (Nataliya403)
2018 - was a hard year for me because of many reasons. But I believe that 2019 will be much more better! And I wish you also stay an optimist and believe in miracle!
Dec. 28


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