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Liliya117 Liliya  (Liliya117)
I went to the beauty salon and had my hair done. it is a wonderful feeling when you come back home being so fresh and beautiful! Women need to experience such feelings from time to time )
Aug. 30
Anfisa5 Anfisa  (Anfisa5)
I visited my hairdresser and had my hair cut a bit. I need to do something to feel good so going to the beauty salon is an option. It is always so pleasant to talk with my hairdresser!
Aug. 30
Nailya8 Nailya  (Nailya8)
I have changed my hairstyle lately and I love that one so much ) I look really great and people say that it suits me so much !
Aug. 20
Svetlana1354 Svetlana  (Svetlana1354)
Visited my hairdresser and had a great beauty procedure done! I love them and when I have a chance to enjoy one, I am on cloud nine. The effect is fantastic!
Aug. 06
Marina849 Marina  (Marina849)
Went to my hairdresser and she advised me a good spray for my hair. I told her I wanted to change my hair colour, but she replied that I look good now )
May. 24
Irina1575 Irina  (Irina1575)
Went to my favourite beauty salon and got a new hairstyle. I adore this feeling when you look in the mirror and enjoy it. It is very important for a lady.
Apr. 11
Anfisa5 Anfisa  (Anfisa5)
Went to the hairdresser’s and got my haircut done. Spring should bring some new and very positive changes in the appearance. Good haircut brings good mood and makes my day )
Mar. 12
Vlada27 Vlada  (Vlada27)
My friend is hair-dresser and she suggested me to change something in my hair-style. So, maybe I will make my hair a little bit longer. I think it will look even more feminine.
Jan. 30
Tanichka1 Tanichka  (Tanichka1)
Went to the beauty salon and had my hair done. it is a wonderful feeling when you come back home being so fresh and beautiful!
Jan. 18
Inna490 Inna  (Inna490)
Went to the beauty salon. I do it from time to time because it is so great to feel beautiful )) I think it is like therapy for women ))
Dec. 24
Svetlana1314 Svetlana  (Svetlana1314)
Wanted to go to the hairdresser but everything was busy there! there were a lot of people in the beauty salon and I feel that I will have to wait.
Oct. 18
Albina39 Albina  (Albina39)
I changed my hairstyle and cut my hair a little bit. I also dried my hair in chocolate color, I look very cool and that suits me so much!
Sep. 26
Irina1675 Irina  (Irina1675)
I want to have a haircut. I am not sure but I have felt a desire of changes. I am not sure I really need them, I am hesitating now.
Sep. 14
Natalia1309 Natalia  (Natalia1309)
The summer comes to an end and my hair is so dry. That is why I went to the hairdresser today. Now I am satisfied with the way my hair looks.
Aug. 27
Taisiya11 Taisiya  (Taisiya11)
I like to have healthy hair yesterday I visited my hairdresser. I had my hair trimmed a little bit and wanted to have it dyed too but my hairdresser persuaded me from it and I am happy I didn't do it.
Aug. 14
Alisa26 Alisa  (Alisa26)
I went to the hairdresser and had my hair done today. Now it looks good and I am happy with the way I look. Ladies like going to the beauty salons. It is like therapy for us ; )
Aug. 08
Elizabeth10 Elizabeth  (Elizabeth10)
I decided to change the color of my hair, but when I came to my hair-stylist she refused to paint my hair and just made a nice hair-style;)
Aug. 06

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