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Nadiya6 Nadiya  (Nadiya6)
I got my salary today and felt so happy! there are a lot of people in Ukraine who have troubles with getting money especially in the beginning of the year and facing financial issues is awful.
Aug. 30
Alisa26 Alisa  (Alisa26)
Had a good day and my mood was improved when I saw my former classmate in the morning. She is so happy and now I feel happy too.
Dec. 14
Irina1619 Irina  (Irina1619)
Today I waked up in the morning, smiled and had a hope in my heart and on my mind that today would be a good day. It motivated me and really worked for me!
Nov. 29
Eve1 Eve  (Eve1)
My friend is learning to be a nail master and she suggested that she should have my nails done for me. it is a good idea and I do like what she did to me! My nails are of dark red colour, I like it!
Oct. 15
Marina875 Marina  (Marina875)
Waked up in the middle of the night and realized that I want to eat some chocolate! I did have a very yummy dream of a tasty chocolate bar! This made me smile.
Sep. 06
Tatyana638 Tatyana  (Tatyana638)
I woke up in a wonderful mood and I decided to wear my most beautiful dress and shoes for work. It is true that any day can be special, because we are the creators of our happiness!
Jul. 16
Inna490 Inna  (Inna490)
I had a nice day sunbathing and swimming at the beach. The sun was shining, the water was warm and my mood was so great! I love summer!
Jul. 07
Nadya26 Nadya  (Nadya26)
I am fond of windflowers. Today my sister and I found a huge field of lavender. I couldn't get enough of that flower, took lots of photos and I even brought a little bunch of them home.
Jun. 25
Alisa31 Alisa  (Alisa31)
I have always dreamed of jumping with a parachute. Today I'm one step closer to my dream. Me and my friend going through courses of jumping. It's so exciting.
Jun. 20
Daria111 Daria  (Daria111)
I woke up today and first my thought was - 'How I can make my life brighter?' I decided to try to write a poem... I hope I can do that, it is always a pleasure for me.
Apr. 26
Irina1513 Irina  (Irina1513)
My dream has finally come true! I have passed the tests and got a driving license. I am very excited about it!
Apr. 16
Elena1886 Elena  (Elena1886)
Today I felt I am completely happy. What is happiness? I think it is a matter of our own choice. It is we who decide whether to be happy or not and it is we on whom our happiness depends.
Apr. 14
Svetlana1314 Svetlana  (Svetlana1314)
Today I am in a good mood and I have got a parcel with some cosmetics I have ordered. I needed some things to look and feel good, it is important for me as a lady.
Apr. 02
Elena2065 Elena  (Elena2065)
Such wonderful weather outside! It is going to be awesome day. I am going to pick up my nephew and take him for a walk. We always have great time together.
Feb. 07
Juliya169 Juliya  (Juliya169)
I wake up in the morning with a smile on my face and I have felt that life is a wonderful thing no matter if you have problems or not.
Dec. 13
Marina781 Marina  (Marina781)
We have such a nice December weather here. It's warm and sunny. I think I will go horseback riding for a couple of hours on the weekend. It always charges me with positive energy!
Dec. 13
Elena2065 Elena  (Elena2065)
Lingerie is my weakness! Two days I spent searching for some hot sheer lace set and I found it!! What can I say, I am so sexy in it!;)
Sep. 07
Alina175 Alina  (Alina175)
I walked with my dog in evening and I was lucky to see a lot of falling stars. I read later that it was Perseid meteor shower over here. I am so happy!
Aug. 15
Elena2065 Elena  (Elena2065)
I realized that for happiness you need a little bit of fruit smoothies and shopping in the morning, as I had today! :) And I'm ready for new impressions and a wonderful day!!!
Apr. 14
Yuliya167 Yuliya  (Yuliya167)
What can be better for woman than warm spring and new dress? I have both! Today I went shopping with mom, got dress and the weather is amazing!! But where is my man who is ready to estimate my look?
Apr. 03


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