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Albina39 Albina  (Albina39)
The new year has come and that is wonderful thing actually ) Right now I am the head manager in our transport company and I am very excited about it ! Hard work helped me to get that position!
Jan. 31
Lyubov62 Lyubov  (Lyubov62)
I am very glad that I met this New Year in a circle of the closest people! I have a small vacation till the 8th of January and plan to spend this free time with my family.
Jan. 04
Nailya8 Nailya  (Nailya8)
I am very glad that the New Year is coming here! I am so much tired of my work here and I want to have rest. For a week I am going to stay in suburbs and relax from the big city routine.
Dec. 30
Galina289 Galina  (Galina289)
It is Saturday here, and I wish I could say that I had a rest. There were a lot of things I did about the house, New Year is coming and my dwelling should be clean and tidy.
Dec. 29
Natalia1309 Natalia  (Natalia1309)
New Year’s Eve is approaching and I had a headache all the day long! It is terrible to realize that I am about to fall ill. Fingers crossed I will feel better!
Dec. 29
Elena2236 Elena  (Elena2236)
Today I bought sweet little gifts for my family and friends. My family members and my friends adore chocolate so this is a perfect New Year’s present to my mind!
Dec. 29
Svetlana1245 Svetlana  (Svetlana1245)
Today I went to the hairdresser, I want to look beautiful on New Year’s Eve. The celebration is approaching so my haircut is ready! )
Dec. 24
Irina1619 Irina  (Irina1619)
Today I went shopping to find something nice to wear on New Year’s celebration. I was not successful in buying anything, things I tried on neither fitted me nor were of reasonable price.
Dec. 24
Angelina40 Angelina  (Angelina40)
Congratulated my colleagues on new year’s eve and gave them sweet little presents. New Year is coming and there are a few working days left.
Dec. 24
Nailya8 Nailya  (Nailya8)
Right now New Year season is coming and I am quite busy here with picking up the presents for my family and friends. The only thing that irritates me about Kiev is big traffic jams.
Dec. 23
Mariya107 Mariya  (Mariya107)
I want to spend this New Year with someone who I love. Even if we will communicate online only. I will make my New Year about our meeting in reality.
Dec. 09
Anna1218 Anna  (Anna1218)
I met New Year in a family circle with my mother, brother, his wife and daughter. The whole family came together, decorated a Christmas tree, exchanged presents, and cooked many dishes.
Jan. 11
Irina1513 Irina  (Irina1513)
I Iove Bbq and today we gathered with my sister and her kids to make a nice picnic. New Year is coming so that is a good reason to gather everybody and have a nice time!
Dec. 30
Albina39 Albina  (Albina39)
New Year is coming and I would like to wish the best to my friends and relatives next year . The only thing I want – all them to be healthy and happy, that are the things that you can not buy!
Dec. 30
Marina781 Marina  (Marina781)
I have only one plan for the weekend. Or rather, from Sunday to Monday - to celebrate the New Year and with all my heart to meet a new life, on the way to you)
Dec. 30
Alina330 Alina  (Alina330)
I am very happy because an hour ago my mom called me and told that she and my dad will come to me to celebrate New Year. I love spending holidays with my family.
Dec. 29
Darya54 Darya  (Darya54)
Today I bought a beautiful dress for the New Year party where my friends invited me. I am waiting for this evening impatiently!
Dec. 29
Anna1218 Anna  (Anna1218)
Yesterday at work colleagues and I had New Year's corporate party, which was planned a month ago. Everything went well - lots of contests, entertainment events and of course themed holiday costumes!
Dec. 26

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