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Nailya8 Nailya  (Nailya8)
I like the place where I work in. Our boss is the very nice person, today he gave us the gifts because tomorrow the Woman’s International day is celebrating here. I loved it so much!
Mar. 07
Yuliya207 Yuliya  (Yuliya207)
Today I have a short day at work and in the evening I will have dinner with all my colleagues. It is our tradition before Women's Day and I like this tradition a lot;)
Mar. 07
Galina317 Galina  (Galina317)
It will be Woman's Day on March, 8th and my kids said that they want to surprise me with tasty breakfast. Ohh... hope they will not destroy kitchen during cooking))
Mar. 05
Natalia1309 Natalia  (Natalia1309)
Went to the supermarket and found out that it was so crowded there! People are rushing, buying presents and food for Women’s Day. There will be three days off, so a lot of food is necessary ; )
Mar. 04
Nastya16 Nastya  (Nastya16)
Got my first present on the forthcoming Women’s Day – my friend Inna gave me a chocolate bar and a nice nail polish. Such gifts are always wonderful ; )
Mar. 04
Olga1718 Olga  (Olga1718)
Next week it will be Woman's Day and I will have three days off. I think about a little trip to my friend, who lives in the city close to mine. Our kids are friends and it will be relaxing weekend!
Mar. 03
Alyona97 Alyona  (Alyona97)
Flowers from my father on Women's Day still decorate my room. Oh God, it is so beautiful! I really like flowers. Even my linens are covered with tulips print!
Mar. 12
Nailya8 Nailya  (Nailya8)
I baked the whole day long! Tomorrow the guests will gather at my parent’s place and I hope that they would enjoy the meals and cookies. I tried so hard!
Mar. 07
Irina1513 Irina  (Irina1513)
The Women’s Day is coming here and I love it so much! I spent the whole day choosing the gift for my mother and I finally found it! I bought her a nice beauty box.
Mar. 07
Marina781 Marina  (Marina781)
On Women's Day, I am going to prepare myself a cup of fragrant coffee and return under the blanket... I will turn on a romantic film, and I will enjoy this moment! The ideal beginning of the holiday!
Mar. 07
Tatiyana25 Tatiyana  (Tatiyana25)
Finally, the winter is over! Womens Day is coming up! I have planned for a manicure, styling and massage) I must prepare for the holiday and look good!
Feb. 28

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